Take a Nap at Work. You deserve it!

There are individual differences in human body function, and not everyone has the habit of taking a nap in the office, but if your physiological response tends to sleep, why not give yourself a break? This is not a waste of time, but an effective way to improve work efficiency.

Instead of suppressing your drowsiness and feeling dizzy the whole afternoon, there are a few tips that could protect data security while sleeping, together with some goods which help to improve your sleep quality and let your body totally relaxed.

2 Must-Do Things before Taking a Nap in Office

1. Set Auto Save in Microsoft Office

Even if its just a half-hour lunch break, emergencies might happen, like power outage, switch trip or system halted, which could undo your effort, and especially in the process of editing file or document. You don't always remember to save them, so to prevent the world from turning upside down after a nap, the best way is to set auto save in Microsoft Office, and the method applies to Word, Excel and PPT.

2. Lock Screen and Add Sign-in Password

To avoid peeping and tampering, it is practical to use the Windows lock screen feature to lock the system down, and more importantly than all of that, you can set sign-in password to your computer account. And you could also learn other useful Microsoft Office tips to keep your privacy safe, then just feel free to take a nap, instead of worrying about someone unknown touching your computer or even using it.

5 Must-Have Goods for Taking a Nap in Office

1. Earplug

When you’re drowsy and ready for a nap, the colleagues around you are still talking loudly or typing on the keyboard …Therefore, we need a noise-cancelling earplug or earmuff to help us minimize external interference and create a quiet brain environment.

2. Neck Pillow

I don’t recommend taking a nap at the desk, as leaning forward could cause over- bending of your neck and muscle damage. Moreover, restricted blood flow will easily lead to arm numb. A neck pillow with ergonomic design can relieve neck pressure while maintaining comfort.

3. Folding Bed

If the office space is relatively large, a folding bed is undoubtedly the best choice for taking a nap, which does not take up much space, but allows the body to completely relax. Lying flat is beneficial to blood circulation in the lower body, effectively preventing varicose veins.

4. Blanket

When people fall asleep, physical condition will change – muscle relax, capillary dilated, pores open, easy to catch a cold or other diseases, especially in air-conditioned office. Just select a lightweight blanket that will keep you warm but does not overdo it.

5. Sleep Mask

People who are sensitive to light can be affected by it even if they close their eyes, and a sleep mask is the perfect solution at this moment. If you often use electronic devices at work, it is advisable to pick disposable steam sleep mask, which can relieve eye fatigue and help you sleep through hot compress.

Lunch breaks are short and precious, and for this reason, some people prefer to take a nap immediately after lunch. This will cause an increase in blood flow to the stomach, as well a decrease in blood pressure and oxygen supply to the brain. So try to rest for ten minutes after lunch and take a nap as you deserve it.