New changes for developers on Google Play store

If you are a developer making Android apps for Play Store then Google has some frustrating news for you. Google has made some silent changes for publishing new Android app on the Google Play store.

The changes were found when the developers of “Psy High 2: High Summer” Android game tried to publish the new game on Google Play.

New changes for developers on Google Play store

1) All new apps are getting the “we’ll take more time” banner.

“We’re taking more time to thoroughly review every app.” Plan for at least three days between submitting your app and going live. We’re professional developers, and we can definitely plan a few days in advance, but that then raises another, bigger problem.

2) There is now no way to schedule the release of a new app.

When you submit an app for review, it will automatically go live whenever it’s approved, even if the app is approved days before the planned release date. Google offers a “timed publishing” feature, but it only works for app updates. (We discussed using the “closed alpha” process, which also undergoes Google review, but closed alphas go through a separate review process; you still have to plan for three days buffer when promoting a release from closed alpha to production.)

3) Google offers no way to expedite review.

“Unfortunately, there is no escalation path, and there is nothing that can be done to expedite the review process. I completely understand your frustration, and I would love to be able to help you get your app approved immediately, but there is nothing I or my team can do.”

4) Developers were not notified of this change ahead of time.