how to increase followers in instagram without any app [Video]

if you want to increase followers in instagram without any app then watch below video. This is very simple process and you will be able to increase followers in instagram without any survey.

how to increase followers in instagram without any app

1) Search for hashtags related to the things you like & post about. Like and write thoughtful comments (not just “That’s great!”) on photos that catch your eye. If you’re posting pics around the same topic there will be a good chance that they will you. Also use this for ideas on what to post and what hashtags to use.

2) Try posting at different times of the day. When your followers engage with your posts if has a chance of spreading to their friends through the “Explore” page. Contrary to what some people believe, the time of day you post does matter. Instagram posts usually have around a 2/3 hour lifespan. If you post at 10am but most of your followers aren’t online until around 3/4pm than no matter how good your post is it won’t generate the engagement you’re looking for to get on the Explore page and probably won’t ever appear in your followers’ feeds.

3) Use a site like Iconosquare (formerly Statigram) to gain insight as to when you should post and other account insights that could assist you. If you want a list of users that are most likely to follow, like & comment your posts than check out Statsiv Instagram Analytics & Tools.

Video of How to increase followers in instagram without any app

Increase Instagram Followers without Any App and Survey: If you want to increase instagram followers then watch this video till end and using these tricks you can surely increase your instagram followers as well as likes in your instagram posts. how to increase followers in instagram without any app.

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Way back in 2010 when Instagram first launched, users could easily get follows/likes with every new post. Lucky early adopters hit the jackpot. Today, Instagram has introduced new algorithms that have changed the rules of the game.