Do not contact me with Unsolicited Services or Offers

Do not contact me with Unsolicited Services – Normally it is something that you tell people coming to the door or calling you to sell you products or services that you didn’t ask for. So below is all details about Do not contact me with Unsolicited Services or Offers. Here’s Halloween Thank you Cards Collection

This would be said, or written, if you want to avoid visits, calls, emails, etc. from people who want to part you from your money. Unsolicited goods or services are goods or services supplied to someone who has not asked for them. New rules under the Fair Trading Act make it illegal for a business to demand payment for goods or services that haven’t been requested by the recipients.

Do not contact me with Unsolicited Services

Contacting someone without their permission is pretty disrespectful to their personal space on its own, but it can also get you in trouble with ESPs and spam filters. That can cause your mail to land in the Spam folder, or even be blocked entirely, even when you’re sending to people who did opt-in.

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Based on CAN-SPAM regulations and other laws and rules, it’s always important to have permission before soliciting folks via email (and it’s a good idea to have permission when contacting them via other means as well).

Do not contact me with Unsolicited Services or Offers

If you solicit someone on Craigslist that has “Do not contact me with unsolicited services or offers,” they have the option to ignore your message or mark it as spam.

It means this in reality:— “Go away please. We don’t want your selling.”

“Do not contact me” is really saying “go away.”

“Unsolicited” means “unasked for” — unsought, uninvited.

What is Unsolicited Services

It’s a privacy feature that I suggest you avoid trying to outsmart. Many people use a smartphone (cellular telephone) to do business and the last thing they want is unsolicited calls on that #, or a lot of emails simply because they posted on Craigslist.

if you haven’t given a company permission to share your name with other companies — then you haven’t solicited (asked for or sought) information about the products or services. So, as Robert Lee just said, you’re telling them to “Go away, please. We don’t want your selling.”

Why is “unsolicited services” not wanted usually?

The unsolicited services rule is a way of preventing spam. If a new user starts using craigslist and suddenly gets hit with ten offers for insurance, that’s not cool. But if someone asks for a tutor, some tutors can contact that person because those are solicited offers.