5 Different Ways You Are Destroying Your PC

Every PC user wants their pc to last the longest as they use it daily. But if it seems to be dying out, your bad habits could be the reason. What type of behaviors do you have that could be shortening the life of your PC? If you treat your PC right, it can last for quite a few years. Watching a movie through the Pirate Bay with family is a good way to use your PC. But handling it carelessly, eating with it on your lap, and not rebooting it as often as you should be are ways you can be destroying it. Below are some of the worst things you are doing to your PC without realizing it and that they are wrong.

1. Allowing stuff to get into your computer 

Do you allow dust, dirt, and liquids to get into your computer? This is a bad habit to have as it makes your fans work harder, and with time, it will destroy your PC. Although you can clean it regularly, you can prevent stuff from getting into your computer. For instance, pet fur, putting it on the floor, and cigarette smoke will only ensure that your PC gets more hair, dust, and other debris. Thus, ensure your PC has filters on the intake fans and use them on a desk. Plus, avoid eating near your PC and getting crumbs on your keyboard, and you can spill your drink on it.

2. Browsing unprotected 

Do not be in the bracket of people that use commonsense as the only malware protection. Even the most legitimate sites are not immune to malware and can get it into your PC, so browsing carefully will not save you. Always use an antivirus on your computer to ensure you are safe. For instance, the windows defender is one way to get protection. Still, you can get a paid one if you feel you need more protection. Also, do not forget the other basic security practices like using a password manager for your passwords, updating your software, and keeping your Wi-Fi password secure, among others.

3. Handling your laptop carelessly

Many people abuse how they use laptops because they are portable. And this can cause you to destroy it. For instance, tossing your PC on the couch from one side of the room, picking laptops from their display, and opening the hinge from one side with too much force. These types of treatments will leave your laptop with damages, and with time you will have destroyed your laptop. Plus, if you destroy it with no backed-up data, it will cause you to have a bad day. Yet, it all starts with the bad habits of mishandling your laptop. Treat your laptop as an expensive piece of property because it is such.

4. Disregarding electrical safety 

Every PC draws a sizeable amount of power, and in situations of power surges, it is susceptible to damage. Although the power supply in your PC has basic surge protection, through a dedicated surge protector, you get longer-lasting protection. If the surge protector is old, it will offer zero protection, and you should replace it. Notably, surge protectors do not protect your PC from high voltage spikes like lighting, but it works with smaller surges. Also, be more careful with the laptop because of its portability, especially the laptop cable, for you can easily mishandle it. Thus, making it unreliable and it is because of handling the cable charger wrong.

5. Stressing cables and ports 

First, do not force cables into ports where it is hard to slide them easily. Plus, if you leave something plugged, be careful not to bend it. As you use laptop cables, do not make sharp bends back and forth, for you will end up breaking the connection inside. Thus, rendering the cable useless and costing you a new one, always keep them away from hungry pets and kids that can chew through the plastic, and as you coil them for storage, do not wrap tightly. Thankfully, it is cheaper to replace a damaged cable than a PC, but why waste the money while you can prevent it.