win in Free Fire

25 Pro Tips to win in Free Fire Game

Winning in free fire is all about practice,patience and strategy. Patience will help in preventing yourself from rush and greed. From my side There are some of things you must focus on. Garena Free Fire is a mobile battle royale game, developed and published by Garena Studios.

25 Pro Tips to win in Free Fire Game

1) Do Not Open Your Parachute. Let it open by itself or else you will be in air while other can target you from ground.

2) Stay away from combat in the beginning.And do not chase the passersby.

3) Avoid vehicles in solo_its useful when playing on a team. Because you can shoot while other is driving.

4) At first concentrate on finding Armor than weapons.

5) Do not rush for Airdrops first.Instead go towards it and prepare an ambush and take some headshots.If you want to survive in long run don’t be greedy.

6) If you managed to reach the end focus on medkits than finding new loots

7) Play with headphones_you can’t miss the sound.

8) Stay in motion but do not run at end time

9) Remember you do not have to enter houses to check the rooms_you can do it by looking through windows

10) Use mini maps to look if someone nearby shooting.If yes then it’s time for ambush.

11) Your competitors do not admire your cool style or outfits.So focus on character rather than focusing on cosmetics .

12) know your character strength_Maximum pro players uses Miguel character and give them Kelly and Kia power which make the character an ultimate combo.

13) always use Pan with you for shielding from firing coming from behind you.

14) Change your plan according to game

15) Check occasionally for useless items in your backpack

16) check the time left for the safe zone to shrink and then dash for the safe zone.

17) For firing from ambush prefer trees than cars.

18) use glue ball effectively to create a temporary wall to save your life and your teammate life.

19) Use grande when surrounded by enemies.

20) whenever you get chance, try to capture the higher position, the best time to capture higher grounds are when the safe zone is shrinking, and there are fewer people remaining in the game.

21) Remember how wolf survive in the jungle?They stay together and hunt together. So be with your team and keep talking so that you can help them.

22) Eat Mushroom to get extra EP or Life

23) Explode the red cylinder to kill an enemy instantly and Explode the Blue Cylinder to create Smog

24) Use grenades and landmines when you are being followed or surrounded by enemies.It can be very helpful because many do not use them.They are underrated.

25) Upgrade weapons by applying skins.

And The Final tip is —The free fire is all about Survival not fall for counting number of your kills.

Do some practice on your smartphones But schedule your Play time and Limited hour guys!

Playing daily for some time will make you best but Giving lots of hours for few days will cost you rather than benefitting.Let the power of compound effect does it’s work .